Universal Drawer For Storage Hutch Module


Universal Drawer For Storage Hutch Module.

Skuffeindsats til OM14 Storage Hutch Module.

Modulet kan bruges alene eller sammen med OM14.

Modulet er 28,7x13,7x13,7cm og samles med lim.

OBS! Tilbehør og OM14 følger ikke med.

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109,00 kr inkl. moms

Yderligere information

OM14d - OM14 module universal drawer

A big drawer with replacable dividers.

Designed to be used as a standalone separate storage box or as an insert for OM14 module from our Modular Workshop System. The dividers allow multiple configuration adjustments to suit your needs.

The drawer is delivered in kit form and has to be bonded with wood glue (not included). It contains perfectly fitted parts and assembly instructions. Smaller parts may be machined with interconnecting stubs which must be removed before assembly, just like plastic model parts from a sprue tree. The drawer is not equipped with magnets.

The accessories and OM14 module in the pictures are not included in the kit and serve only demonstration purposes.

Dimensions: 28.7cm x 13.7cm x 13.7cm (11.3"x 5.39"x 5.39")