8x Sculpting STYLUS tool set


8x Sculpting STYLUS tool set.

Modelleringsværktøj i rustfrit stål med træhåndtag.

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Professional Metal BALL STYLUS toolset
Professional 8 burnisher toolset specially made for those who need extra fine detailing work. Each tool is made from high-grade stainless steel and crafted into a single robust wood handle with a precise ball on each end.

Used for many applications such as shaping putties, sculpting organic forms, modeling clay, creating textures, and other applications like painting dots, or even writing.

These are 16 different tips ranging from Large to superfine metal balls, allowing the creation of fine and intricate details from micropores, belt holes, straps on large scales to subtle wrinkles or small craters.

The tool’s overall length is approximately 4-7/8 inches (13,5 cm in length).
The largest tip has a diameter of 4.9 mm, the smallest is 0.6 mm.

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