Realistic Model Snow Powder 200ml


Realistic Model Snow Powder 200ml.

Til opbygning af realistisk sne på diorama.

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Realistic Model Snow Powder

The Realistic Model Snow Powder from Green Stuff World is an exemplary product for hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts of miniature models and dioramas who are looking to create an authentic winter scene. Crafted using premium quality materials, the Snow Powder replicates the texture and color of real snow, providing your models with a convincingly realistic snowy environment. The bright white color, fluffy texture, and the sparkling effect when light hits it, all combine to mimic the exact look of fresh, undisturbed winter scenery.

Its application is as simple as versatile. It has been designed to work seamlessly with a variety of surfaces including plastic, metal, wood, and foam. Whether you're setting up a tabletop RPG scene, building a Christmas village, or a historical diorama, the application process is user-friendly. You can mix the powder with glue, paint, or water to achieve the perfect consistency and effect for your project. Once applied and dried, it provides a long-lasting finish that won't yellow or crack over time, maintaining its snowy sparkle for an extended period.

Safety and environmental impact are also considerations that Green Stuff World takes seriously. This is a non-toxic product, safe to use for hobbyists of all ages. This product is designed to ensure minimal environmental impact, letting users create snowy scenes without worrying about harmful substances or adverse effects on the environment. Combine it with our Frosted Tufts to get the most realistic finish.

Content: The pot contains 200ml.

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