Colour Primer: Wolf Grey 400ml. CP3021


Colour Primer: Wolf Grey 400ml. CP3021.

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Wolf Grey is a beautiful greyish blue colour, perfect for Space Wolves or Urban fatigues, furs, monsters or as a great alternative to blue. This colour will work exceptionally well with Strong Tone or Dark Tone Quickshade.

Saves time painting - Prime your with your chosen base colour
Precision nozzle + fast drying acrylic primer + thin-sliced super pigment = Perfect coverage!
23 Colours, with a 100% matching Warpaint
Leaves every detail on the miniature in excellent condition.

How to use:

    Gently insert flathead screwdriver and twist in marked point to break seal
    Shake in a clockwise/counterclockwise motion for 1 min.
    Spray at a distance of 15-20 cm
    Spray multiple thin coats, let dry in between
    Empty nozzle upside down after each use and store at room temperature