GSW UV Curing chamber


GSW UV Curing chamber.

1 stk. Green Stuff World UV hærdnings boks.

Perfekt til at hærde resin figurer samt UV resin farve.

Boksen måler indvendig 195x160x150mm og udvendig 215x180x160mm.

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449,00 kr inkl. moms

Yderligere information

UV Curing chamber

UV Curing chamber by GSW is the essential accessory to professionally finish your UV resin printed models and figures. It contains a system of enveloping mirrors that allows it to reach all points of the piece and thanks to its 7 UV lights of 405nm wavelength, will cure the piece in a matter of minutes.

Inner size: 195x160x150 mm
External size: 215x180x160mm

✓ Valid for SLA/DLP/LCD resins
✓ Mirror acrylic structure for uniform curing
✓ Safe and User-friendly Design