Heller SU-27 UB/P Ukraine 80371 (1:72)


1 stk. Heller SU-27 UB/P Ukraine 80371 (1:72).

Model i størrelse 1:72 med 93 dele.

Modellen er 31,4cm lang.

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239,00 kr inkl. moms

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Single or two-seater buildable
with 2 pilot figures

New large decal sheets with many stancils and variants (including digital camouflage) for:
a) No.21, 39th Tactical Air Brigade, 2022
b) No.26, 831st Tactical Air Brigade, 2022
c) No.58, 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade, 2018

a) No.71, 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade, 2022
b) No. 73, 39th Tactical Aviation Brigade, 2022
c) No. 75, 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade, 2022

The Sukhoi Su-27 (Known under its NATO reporting name as: Flanker) was designed during the 1970s, for PVO Strany, the Soviet Air Defence Forces. An all weather air defence interceptor, it remains a highly sophisticated, latest generation aircraft. The 1021 prototype model flew for the very first time in 1977, and was followed by a small number of pre-production aircraft. It‘s design continued at the same time as the MiG-29 Fulcrum, a similar but smaller fighter aircraft. The operational version, the Su-27 (Flanker B), entered service in 1986.