Heller Citroen C4 Fourgonnette 1928 80703 (1:24)


1 stk.Heller Citroen C4 Fourgonnette 1928  80703 (1:24).

Model i størrelse 1:24 med 106 dele.

Modellen er 17,5cm lang.

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First started in 1928, the C4 and its various iterations was manufactured up until 1932. Some of the „end-of-series“ vehicles were even still being sold in 1933. It had a taxable power of 9 HP in its first year, rising to 10 HP in 1930 without modification before being brought back down to 9 HP in 1931.
Over the years its general appearance has hardly changed and the only way to recognise which year the vehicle was made is by the layout of the chrome and its interior fittings. The model sold by Heller is a typical van from the interwar period that continued to be used well after up until the 1960s.