Flexible Stencils - Digital Camo


Green Stuff World Flexible Stencils - Digital Camo.

1 stk. Laser skåret stencil i tyndt Mylar.

9,5 x 14,5cm.

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35,00 kr inkl. moms

Yderligere information

Flexible washable stencils for modelers, made of ultrathin reusable Mylar plastic, which easily adapts to the model surfaces. Valid for brush or airbrush, these stencils can be used in all kinds of dioramas, to simulate all kinds of effects and textures including lettering, and camouflage on planes or armored vehicles, spaceships, and science fiction.

Use the stencils as they are, or fix them to your model using our Stencil glue, which is a low tack repositionable glue that will keep your stencil in place while you work, not leaving behind any sticky residue once you remove it.