Ny ATOM-20062 Schokobraun RAL 8017 20ml. Forstør

ATOM-20062 Schokobraun RAL 8017 20ml.


ATOM-20062 Schokobraun RAL 8017 20ml.

Selvnivellerende akryl maling.

Kan påføres med pensel og airbrush.

Fortyndes med ATOM-20500 eller ATOM-20501.

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Yderligere information

This water-based formula behaves as like a lacquer and has been optimised for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush. We recommended adding 30 % of Cleaner & Thinner (ATOM-20500) or Cleaner & Thinner Retarder (ATOM-20501). These paints stand out for being self-levelling,  and quick drying, and for their covering power, making them unique to the market. In addition, theyATOM paints are extremely durable, allowing for acrylics, enamels and even hotter modelling products such as decal solutions to be applied over them once dry.
These colours are presented in an innovative clear 20 ml container featuring a new cap that can be opened and closed with one hand. These paints are non-toxic and odourless.