AK35018 Bottles & Cans 1/35.


AK35018 Bottles & Cans 1/35.

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Bottles and cans are obvious ingredients in dioramas or vignettes, but their addition may also spice up models not presented on any kind of base.

Our new kit offers 11 different types of bottles and canisters and 1 type of can, all molded in clear plastic.

Included are 6 pieces of each of the small and medium bottles and cans, and 2 pieces of each of the large canisters, making up a total of 60 elements which should be enough for detailing several models or dioramas.

The plastic parts are supplemented with high quality decals including various labels that have been printed by Cartograf.

It also contains a guide printed on A5 size paper with a step-by-step guide to painting and decorating bottles, canisters and cans.