MPC 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T - 1:25


1 stk. MPC 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T  - 1:25

Model i størrelse 1:25.

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MPC’s 1969 Charger is back by popular demand. For this new release, a set of Torq-Thurst wheels are included as a classic custom option. Still included are the “rough ’n tumble” parts for racing through the weeds… brush bar, roll cage, and two engine intake options for the big Chrysler mill. A generally all-new decal sheet features 4 fantastic flags for the roof, lettering, and numbers to create a radical ride that’s ready to race! Enticing illustrated packaging will leave those who wait, in the dust… Yeehaw!


Skill 2, paint and cement required
Molded-in black
Vector and Torq-Thrust wheel options
Two engine intake setups
Country racing parts included
All-new decal sheet with flags, numbers, and lettering
Exciting Illustrated packaging