AMMO.R-1009 British Freight Cars sæt 6 x 17 ml. Forstør

AMMO.R-1009 British Freight Cars sæt 6 x 17 ml.


AMMO.R-1009 British Freight Cars sæt 6 x 17 ml.

Indeholder følgende farver:

AMMO.R-0002 RAIL CENTER Engine Black.
AMMO.R-0011 RAIL CENTER Reefer Yellow.
AMMO.R-0013 RAIL CENTER Hopper Green.
AMMO.R-0030 RAIL CENTER Light Grey.
AMMO.R-0038 RAIL CENTER Deep Blue Livery.

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Yderligere information

The Rail Center series has been formulated with the highest quality, providing the railway modeller with extremely durable finishes and very intense colours. Thanks to the new formula, these paints can be applied with a brush to produce a smooth and uniform surface with very little effort. This acrylic series can be also sprayed through the airbrush using the specific thinner: AMMO.R-0500 RAIL CENTER ACRYLIC THINNER.

This set of six colours has been selected to facilitate the modeller´s work when painting British freight cars, without having to resort to complex colour mixtures. In this set, you will find all the colours required to easily paint your rolling stock.

Included colors in this Set:
AMMO.R-0002    RAIL CENTER Engine Black
AMMO.R-0003    RAIL CENTER White
AMMO.R-0011    RAIL CENTER Reefer Yellow
AMMO.R-0013    RAIL CENTER Hopper Green
AMMO.R-0030    RAIL CENTER Light Grey
AMMO.R-0038    RAIL CENTER Deep Blue Livery