Trykregulator til airbrush kompressor


Trykregulator med vand udskiller samt trykindikator til airbrush kompressor.
0-7 Bar. Der medfølger 1/8" koblinger for tilslutning på kompressor og slange.




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Airbrush Air Flow Regulator

GSW's Air Flow Regulator with an anti-moisture filter provides dry, clean, pressure-controlled air by collecting the air's moisture before it reaches the airbrush. Moisture is filtered and condensed in its transparent polycarbonate resin chamber, which can then be disposed of through a valve.

Pressure can be adjusted with the comfortable adjustment wheel located at the top, which can then be locked to prevent involuntary changes in pressure.

It includes a pressure gauge with a capacity of up to 7 bar, or 100 psi for an accurate reading of the air flow exerted. The regulator can be attached to the compressor and the airbrush with 1/4"-1/8" fittings.

We recommend the use of PTFE thread seal tape to avoid any potential loss in pressure.