Senjo Color Face & Body Paint Gold 25ml (ca.50g)


Senjo Color Face & Body Paint Gold 25ml (ca.50g)

God vandbaseret, klassisk finpigmenteret body paint til påførelse med svamp eller pensel.

Indeholder Vitamin E og Kamilleolie.

Kan vaskes af med vand og sæbe.

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Yderligere information

Bodypainting paint for brushes and sponges

You get a high quality paint for use with brush and sponge. From children's make-up to extraordinary works of art in the face or on the whole body. Elaborate decorations, flower patterns or spacy shapes - with the Senjo-Color Bodypainting paint in cake form there are no limits to your creativity.
Thanks to the cosmetic formula of the paint is also the application in children's faces safe. Herbal ingredients and care substances ensure a good feeling. For example, we have incorporated vitamin E and chamomile oil, which are known for their positive effects in valuable skin creams.


All facts about Bodypainting Color Senjo-Color at a glance

Special Features:

  • water soluble and very economical
  • suitable for brushes and sponges
  • recommended for beginners and professionals
  • high pigmentation 
  • Vitamin E and chamomile oil
  • pure Plant adhesive, free of plastics as adhesive
  • Made in Berlin/Germany

High pigmentation - easily washable

By purchasing the Senjo-Color Bodypainting Farbe you can look forward to a product that is characterized by an enormous high pigmentation and color intensity.

If the artwork is to be washed off again, this can be done easily with water and soap.

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