W051 Wicked Detail Black 60ml Forstør

W051 Wicked Detail Black 60ml


W051 Wicked Detail Black 60ml

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Wicked Detail Colors

Wicked Colors has expanded its color range to include new Wicked Detail Colors. Developed & tested by world renowned artist Dru Blair, Wicked Detail Colors are designed for exacting precision, tight detail and superb line control. Like all Wicked Colors, Wicked Detail Colors flow and spray even through the smallest tip-sized airbrushes!

The Wicked Detail Colors below are applied over a Opaque White. Darker shades can be achieved by applying over Opaque Black

Wicked Detail Colors dry to a matte finish (@ 30% gloss level)
Wicked Detail Colors are sheered to a particle size of 0.1 microns perfect for illustrators as a flat finish reflects the color’s true hue.

Wicked Color is supplied in 60ml bottles

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