Auto Borne Sealer Blue (GS) 120ml Forstør

Auto Borne Sealer Blue (GS) 120ml


Auto Borne Sealer Blue (GS) 120ml

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AutoBorne™ Sealers are a waterborne sealer designed for use with waterborne and solvent-based basecoat paints.  Color-key AutoBorne Sealers with the color of the base coat or mid-coat color for improved coverage.  AutoBorne Sealers are easy to apply, dry quickly, cover excellent, self-level and may be dry-sanded, although sanding is not required for adhesion with paint. 

AutoBorne Sealers work as part of a complete custom paint system when top-coated with Auto Air Colors™ & Wicked Colors™ as well as with any other type of waterborne or solvent-based paint.


AutoBorne™ Sealers offer performance without compromise:

  • Available in a full line of colors for color-keyed mid-coat application
  • Excellent durability and tenacious adhesion for long lasting paintjobs
  • Resists cracking and prevents bleed through from underlying fillers
  • Quick to dry
  • Easy to sand
  • Does not require sanding prior to application of mid-coat paint and top-coat clear

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