5810 Createx Tropical set 6 x 60ml

5810 115810

5810 Createx Tropical set 6 x 60ml

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5116 Transparent Tropical Green, 5117 Transparent Brite Red, 5121 Transparent Flamingo Pink, 5126 Transparent Sand, 5133 Canary Yellow, 5134 Transparent Maui Blue.


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Createx kan bruges på tekstiler, træ, læder, lærred, plastic, aluminum, metal, keramik, ler, pap, papir og meget mere

Createx Airbrush Colors are the number one, most widely used and trusted professional airbrush paint in the world.  Made with light-fast pigments, durable resins and quality ingredients, Createx works on fabric, wood, leather, canvass, plastics, aluminum, metals, ceramic, clay, poster board, brick, plaster, latex, glass and more.  Colors are water-based, non-toxic and meet ASTM D-4236 standards.  Colors include Opaque, Transparent, Fluorescent, Pearlized and Iridescent Colors.

Createx Airbrush Colors are designed for permanent results with a soft-hand feel on fabrics.  Colors cure with the assistance of heat after drying.  The use of heat to cure colors is one of the main differences between Createx Airbrush Colors and Wicked & Auto Air Colors which cure to a much stronger film with air drying alone (referred to as self-cross linking).  Createx are made with exterior-grade (automotive) pigments allowing them to withstand prolonged exposure to direct, outdoor light without fading.  For maximum permanence, a top-coat should be applied over the paint after curing.

Createx Airbrush Colors work best out of the bottle with a 0.5mm tip-sized airbrush operated @ 40 – 50 PSI.  For smaller tip-sizes, lower PSI settings and fine-line detailed artwork, reduce with either Createx 5608 Illustration Base, Wicked W100 Reducer or Auto Air 4011 Flash Reducer.