AMIG2030 Ultra Decal-Fix 30ml. Forstør

AMIG2030 Ultra Decal-Fix 30ml.


AMIG2030 Ultra Decal-Fix 30ml.

Bruges til at forsegle decals på lakerede overflader efter de er fastgjort med Ultra Decal-Set.

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30 ml. High-quality decal solution used to adapt and conform decals to the complex surfaces of your models.

This easy to use solution is as simple as brushing ULTRA-DECAL FIX over the decal previously secured with ULTRA-DECAL SET which dries in minutes. The decals will conform to the raised and recessed surface details to apply markings perfectly adapted to the surface. We recommend sealing the decals with an application of GLOSSY LUCKY VARNISH A.MIG-2053.