MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL 127HS DARE Orange Forstør



MOLOTOW™ ONE4ALL 127HS 2mm. DARE Orange.

2mm tusch med udskiftelig rund tip.

Tuschen er fyldt med akrylbaseret farve og kan male på stortset alle overflader.

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32,00 kr inkl. moms

Yderligere information

Highly opaque and UV resistant on nearly all surfaces: The sustainable ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system has been built to refill and is always reliable in all its functions. A low wear and numerous possible applications offer an added value to these markers. Whether painting surf board, canvas, fridge, graffiti or sneakers: nothing is impossible. With more than 40 color shades, these markers are talented all-rounders. Individual nuances and color shades can be mixed easily. Effect colors make coloring exciting. Shouldn’t be missing in an artists product range – everyone’s darling since 2008.