Ny 4258 Gloss Black 120ml Forstør

4258 Gloss Black 120ml


4258 Gloss Black 120ml.

Gloss Black er beregnet som bund til 4104 Quicksilver Chrome.

Den tørrer blank op og skal hærde 30-60min inden Quicksilver Chrome påføres.

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Yderligere information

4258 Gloss Black was developed as the base for 4104 Quicksilver Chrome

Gloss Black is unlike other 4200 Series Transparent Colors in that is has a high gloss finish that stays glossy, even after other colors are applied over it.  Remaining glossy is important so that reflection occurs after 4104 Quicksilver Chrome is applied.

Reduction is not required, especially when using as a base for 4104 Quicksilver Chrome. 

Drying is extended.  Allow 30 – 60 minutes before applying 4104 Quicksilver Chrome.