101 Mr. Brush Catalyst 250ml. Forstør

101 Mr. Brush Catalyst 250ml.


101 Mr. Brush Catalyst til Pinstriping maling 250ml.

Hærder til Mr. Brush farverne. Hærderen gør farverne modstandsdygtige og mere blanke. Ved brug af hærder skal farverne ikke overlakeres.

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Yderligere information

The Catalyst adds gloss and chemical resistance to Mr. Brush enamels so that clear coats are not necessary. Mr Brush enamels should be mixed with the Mr Brush catalyst only.

The mixing ratio is 10 parts paint to 1 part catalyst

The catalyst is moisture sensitive and will not keep for long periods once opened. Keep the container tightly closed. Clean the catalyst container pouring spout by wiping the threads for easy opening.

When top coating artwork with a clear, no Catalyst is required. 

The striping and lettering enamels will dry, ready for a clear coat, in 1-4 hours. For faster drying times and no tape marks it is a good idea to use this product.