5084-E Steve Gibson's Air, Oil, Lead Grisaille Grey Set 19 x 60ml


5084-E Createx Illustration Steve Gibson's Air, Oil, Lead Grisaille Grey Set 19 x 60ml

Sæt med 15 farver samt 2 stk. 4012 Reducer og 2 stk. 4030 Balancing Clear.

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5001 Neutral Grey 1, 5002 Neutral Grey 2, 5003 Neutral Grey 3, 5004 Neutral Grey 4, 5005 Neutral Grey 5, 5006 Neutral Grey 6, 5007 Neutral Grey 7, 5008 Neutral Grey 8, 5009 Neutral Grey 9, 5068 Opaque White, 5078 Opaque Black, 5051 Black, 5095 CMYK Cyan, 5096 CMYK Magenta, 5097 CMYK Yellow,

and 2 bottles each of 2 oz.:
4012 High Performance Reducer, 4030 Balancing Clear

Illustration Colors are very transparent, except for the white which is made for coverage.

Illustration Colors are intended to spray direct from the bottle with most any tip-sized airbrush with little, if any, reduction. Reducer is included in the line as artists may certainly wish to reduce based on subjective preferences. However, unlike our Wicked Colors and Auto Air Colors which have more body and a higher viscosity so they work with a spray gun out of the bottle, our new Illustration Colors are intended for airbrush only, especially small tip-sized airbrushed such as an Iwata ™ Micron.
Illustration Colors are re-wettable with an amine such as Windex™. This was one of the key characteristics behind their design. We worked extensively with Dru Blair to make theses colors and fit his style of painting & techniques such as his reductive method where he moves color by spraying Windex onto the surface.
Illustration Colors may be top-coated with a urethane clear.
Colors are lightfast. We use the same exterior grade pigments to make these colors as we do for our Wicked Colors and Auto Air Colors. The pigment load is the same as with Wicked Colors but, due to the Illustration Colors unique resin, the colors saturate onto the substrate differently than Wicked Colors.
As their name implies, Illustration Colors are designed with the illustrator and fine artist in mind without catering to demands of painters looking for a high coverage paint needed for t-shirt and base coat applications.

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